Welcome to Sodify

Thank you for so much for checking out my blog! I’m an experienced Lawn and Ornamental Technician in the Central Florida area and the head trainer for my company. If you are seeking advice on anything related to your lawn and shrubs you have come to the right place! Wether you are a professional or a homeowner trying to figure it out, you will find what you need here. I will be posting multiple times a week with common issues that you will find in your garden this time of year. It could be insects, diseases, cultural conditions, or just common facts about different types of plants! With all issues, I highly recommend seeking the help of your local Lawn Care Professional to help you resolve. They will have the proper equipment to take care of your issues effectively and efficiently. If you are located in the Central Florida are, I can recommend the right professional for you. If you have a specific question that you don’t see on here. please feel free to ask and I will have a response for you as soon as I can! Again thank you, and check back weekly for new posts.