Slime Mold


I want to briefly touch on one more fungus since I’ve been getting a lot of calls on this one. The picture above is one of a disease called Slime Mold. Unlike the Grey leaf spot fungus and Dollar spot fungus, this one is very easy to deal with.

Slime Mold will suddenly appear in the  lawn during the wet summer months. Small little black patches will appear only a few inches big. Ive had a lot of homeowners seeing this and freaking out  asking if their lawn is going to die. I have a lot of people calling me thinking its some kind of insect eggs all over their lawn. If you see this in the lawn, there is no need to panic.

There is absolutely no need to treat Slime Mold with any kind of product. It is purely cosmetic and will not cause any damage to the turn. After mowing it will clear up. If you need a quick fix and want to gone immediately, a strong jet of water will knock it off.

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